The skills we need for the world we want

Autonomous Poly-Technic Camp

July 28 → August 6 2023

Trois-Rivières, Québec

For a third year, DeepMay is organizing a 10-day intensive camp that brings together the technical rigor and intensity of the hackathon with the communal ethos of DIY world-building. Participants will leave with new skills, ideas, and a glimpse of the shared life that we are fighting to make possible.

Students, instructors, and organizers come together and experiment with LLMs, control protocols, and memetic branding—all while cooking, cleaning, and tending the farmhouse and surrounding land that is our home for the week.

This intensive is a container for collective problem-solving. Fundamentals flow into opportunities for practical experimentation and deviations from the expected. We will build and break things together, arming us all with high-value skills and a deeply-felt sense of collective power.

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