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Summer 2022 | Paoli, IN

DeepMay is a 10-day intensive camp that brings together the technical rigor and intensity of the hackathon with the communal ethos of DIY world-building.

Students, instructors, and organizers come together and experiment with data models, user interfaces, brand identity, and the misuse of technical systems—all while cooking, cleaning, and tending the schoolhouse and surrounding land that is our home for the week.

We will break out of the classroom and get weird with an improvisational learning model that emphasizes mentoring and leadership. We will build and break things together, arming us all with high-value skills and a deeply-felt sense of collective power.

focus areas

Over the course of the camp, students will deepen their understanding of their chosen area of focus through instructional sessions that build on each other.

In workshop sessions, students will apply developing skills to advance specific projects and solve challenges in cross-track collaborations.


Meta skills

agile methodology • assembling a team • cross-training • debugging • pair programming • project conception • refactoring • roadmap planning • sprints

welcome to paoli

Our venue is The Tomato Products Company of Paoli, a restored tomato cannery that is being developed into a vibrant center for community building. By hosting the camp here we seek to make a meaningful contribution to the resiliency of local infrastructure in Paoli.

We are inspired by the proud history of land projects and community initiatives already present in Southern Indiana, and we seek to add to and support this local vitality.

We want to support our connections in Paoli who are sincerely invested in creating opportunities for young people, from initiatives at the Tomato Products Company to ag- and tech-educational programs at the high school.

stay tuned