The skills we need for the world we want

DeepMay is a camp for an applied rethinking of what technology is and should be.

We do a few things:


Our 10-day camp brings together the technical rigor and intensity of the hackathon with the communal ethos of DIY world-building. Set in rural North America, participants return to the earth for a week to imagine the new worlds we are working to make possible with technology.

Our 2023 Intensive Camp just wrapped, but stay tuned for what's next.

Research & Study

We host weekly writing workshops about technologies that we encounter and technologies that we create. We do this to nurture our own and each others’ capacities for merging rigorous science with poetics. We believe this fusion is a crucial tool for developing a full understanding of the latest advances in biotech, large language models, and visual culture.

Online Community

We created dedicated spaces online for theorizing, continued learning, and collaborations.

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