About DeepMay

Founded in early 2019, DeepMay is a network of artists, technologists, and theorists against Silicon Valley's concept of the future. We host camps, workshops, and an online community committed to rethinking what technology should and could be.

We know that no one is coming to save us from an uncertain future and that we need the tools and know-how to build and fight for a livable world together, right now.

For a shared future

DeepMay is a study of the technological methods and strategic interventions needed for a future we believe in.

We see humanity’s most vibrant and innovative potential in popular struggles against authoritarianism. From them, DeepMay learns to generate social movement—to kick up dust, illuminate new problems, and reveal the capacities of collective intelligence to solve them—putting new and old tools to shared use.

Communal Learning

DeepMay is a shared practice of experimenting with technology, art, and theory.

We gather programmers, scientists, artists, and others on the margins of the tech world to explore rigor and intensity alongside slowness and ceremony–together. Through continuous experimentation, DeepMay offers a markedly unique, grounded experience of technical study and pedagogy.

Inquiry & Technical Experimentation

DeepMay’s ultimate aim is to grow new technological epistemes

We believe in the power of expertise and imagination to render what constrains them useless. At DeepMay, technology is never a neutral terrain, awaiting its proper application. Rather, we seek to reveal and alter the ethical assertions implicit in technological methods. Where others ask how a monolithic technology can be made more equitable and diverse, we invite with open arms the descendants of all cosmologies and ways of knowing to create technodiversity through practice.