What you'll learn

Choose your adventure: split time between instruction on your chosen focus area and a mixture of talks, workshops, and supervised lab time.

When we're not soldering or pushing pixels, we'll be cooking food to share, moving our bodies, and exploring the woods and abandoned quarries near the camp.

Hardware & Micro-controllers

Learn to build and program your own hardware devices using affordable technology like Arduino/ESP32. Communicate wirelessly, sense the environment, operate off-grid, and automate machines. Students will learn how to solder electronics, write code, and prototype "products". No experience is necessary.

Creative & Design

It’s cliché to say design is everywhere, especially at a moment when design practice lags behind meme culture. Either way, visual communication is derived from a few core elements. Whether we use the creative process to develop a poster, brand identity, ad / social campaign, digital product, the fundamentals remain the same.

This track involves a series of courses ranging from graphic design elements to digital product design. This class familiarizes students with tools and practices, while sharing industry-experience based knowledge about how to develop your own creative process and establish your creative practice.

Web Development

The ecosystem that powers the modern web is enormous and complex. Consider this track an excercise in orienteering. We will cover the core technologies that underly all websites and help you navigate the uncertain terrain of tools, libraries, and frameworks used by front-end developers today.


Afternoons will be filled with strange and interesting discussions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and lightning talks that explore our messy relationship with technology.

  • biopolitics & synthetic biology
  • internet of things
  • the hacker's ethos
  • meme design
  • tricks for counting
  • natural language processing
  • lock picking
  • facilitation & liberating structures
  • software radio
  • & more!

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